DJ Seagull-I

Seagull-I (Ivan Gavranic) was born on August 31, 1983 in Split/Croatia, grew up in Blato/Korcula/Croatia. His affection towards music, came in early youth, thanks to his parents massive collection of cassettes n vinyls. While in middle school, he was introduced with the world of electronic music. The eternal bond was made!!!

Entering the high school, he experienced his first electronic party, and just couldn’t stop. Attending almost every mayor electronic (techno, trance, drum n bass, house,…) event in Croatia (a few even outside the country-would be more, but parents…), he begun leaning towards house music, mainly vocal with touch of progressive beats.
Still in high school, from 1999-2002, he was working on a local radio station, as a music editor/wannabe dj for pilot show: Who’s crazy round here?!
In this period he begun dj-ing in a few bars, every weekend, soon achieving his 1st residency at The Pink Panther bar!

After high school, he moved to Zagreb/Croatia and entered the DJ academy; where he meet his big role model DJ Toxic-the connection with vocal house became even stronger and a young house DJ emerged.

Seagull-I is currently resident of Groove club Zagreb/Croatia.

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